A Modern, Southern Gothic, Romantic Adventure

by Morgan Summerfield

"...WOW!...", "...I felt as if I lived the adventure…”, "...This book will grab you and not let go...", "...I did not want the story to end...", "...Suspense, drama, lust, intrigue, love and a little magic thrown in for good measure...", "...A new voice with an interesting bent..."

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This material has adult content that includes alternative lifestyles, sex, adult language, and violence.
It would have an R rating, if it were a movie. TV Rating: MA LSV

If your recipe for Southern Gothic reads: capture the southern feel, keep the gothic suggestive, stir in plenty of spice, boil with tension, and leave out the vampires, Blood and Magnolias may be the perfect dish to satisfy your reading hunger. Indulge yourself in hefty portions of steamy passion, ruthless action, and unthinkable betrayal.

Blood and Magnolias garners life from the eerie landscapes of Louisiana where shifting winds and moss heavy in the trees evoke the sense of a presence beyond what can be seen. The constant ebb and flow of the tides that raise and lower the estuaries are reflected in the motion of the story. Blood and Magnolias sets the reader adrift on a dark seductive river twisting with mystery, surging with suspense, and made dangerous by things hidden beneath the surface.

Adrean Bodree never expected to find herself back in Louisiana—the land of backwaters, bayous and a life she left in ashes. Trapped in an untenable relationship, she is too much alone and restless. She needs distraction, purpose, companionship, change. Standing on the edge of a divorce, that her husband has no intention of granting, Adrean is befriended by two very seductive and charming ‘playmates’ filled with ulterior motives.

The wealthy and manipulative Barbara and Justin Melville are quick to lead Adrean into their life of excesses and pleasures—a life filled with tempting rewards, yet rife with peril. Cold-blooded deception draws Adrean into their velvet trap and holds her in exquisite tension. The Melville conspiracy is so well fashioned that Adrean is oblivious to the integral part she plays until the very last moment of its climax. The plot to exploit her stays well hidden and is headed toward fruition, until the shadows of Adrean’s past bring forward memory and trigger a discovery that unearths the truth.

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This is NOT formula fiction. If you are looking for something different--a trip down a road less traveled--
this story is just the ticket!

"Long buried secrets surface and the word family takes on a whole new meaning."


Independent Review

"Bienvenue dans mon monde. If you have felt nothing when you reach the final page, I have failed."


Thank you, Patricia.


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Chapter Titles:

Echoes of Thunder
Churning Seas
Siren’s Call
Free Diving
Misgiving Winds
Casting Lure
Powerful Undertow
An Unexpected Storm
Riding the Maelstrom
Angling the Shallows
Hook, Line, and Sinker
The Catch
Going Under
Shifting Currents
Coming Up for Air
Bayou Blessing
The Scent of Rain
Fire on the Water
The Hurricane
On the Rocks
The Devil and the Deep Blue


  • Adrean Bodree – Main character, dissatisfied with her life and about to transition, born poor Cajun

  • Ben Bodree – Adrean’s much absent and unfaithful husband, from wealthy Creole family

  • Paul Stoddard – Adrean’s former employer and lover, still in love with Adrean

  • Courtland Melville – Current force of the Melville family, old money wealthy Creole

  • Barbara Melville – Courtland’s wife, Cajun in the guise of a Creole, unhappy with her situation

  • Justin Melville – Courtland’s brother, very eligible bachelor, self-professed 'Don Juan'--well deserved reputation with the ladies

  • Patrick O’Dell – Doctor under the influence of Courtland Melville’s money



The setting of the story is Louisiana and includes information about Cajun/Creole Culture, Voodoo
Assisted Reproductive Technology within the context of this as a work of fiction.


Coming home to Louisiana, after years in Europe and New York, was not what Adrean planned. Ben’s latest promotion is what he has been working toward and what Adrean has helped him achieve. Having devoted all her time and energy to Ben and his career, her life is desolate and he is much absent from it.

The scent of salt water, the sticky heat, and the moss heavy in the trees stir remembrances of Adrean's early Cajun life that was poor in dollars, but wealthy in love. The memories fuel her hunger for change and ignite long dormant desires.

Lost in a loveless marriage with no friends or family to turn to Adrean is too much alone and restless. She needs distraction, purpose, companionship---and she is right where the Melville's want her.

Ruthless deception has molded Adrean into the perfect prey and the Melville conspiracy is so well fashioned that she is oblivious to the integral part she plays.



Women, particularly those with a bit of life experience, who like romance, drama, suspense, non-formula, surprises, non-traditional characters and behaviors, strong female characters who challenge. NOT for prudes.  A number of traditional mores are challenged in this story.

Blood and Magnolia's Themes:

Each of us must choose the path we travel. If we allow others to make the choice for us, we can only hope to be happy with it and have no one to blame but ourselves if we are not happy. Life is filled with crossroads, some that lead us down paths of joy and some that lead us down paths of sorrow. Looking back is pointless because there is nothing there that we can change and regret is a waste of energy; it brings nothing but pain. However, looking forward to the next opportunity and using what we have learned from our mistakes to make different (if not better) choices offers potential.

Every day brings a new wave of events that pushes us toward our ultimate destiny. As we bob about in the sea of seeming chaos, we chance upon others, some adrift, and some with a destination. Each of them has the potential to touch us in some way and change the course of our lives. The future is not cast in stone, but rather sculpted from it. As each of us leaves our mark on today we influence the course of tomorrow.

Society often dictates behavior that comes into conflict with our desires, our senses, our souls, and our hearts. Some of us may become so restrained and repressed by those dictates that we fail to see what is possible and fail to open our hearts and minds to those possibilities. We become prisoners inside a shell of existence. We lose ourselves to our need to be accepted by others. We conform, acquiesce, and submit our own will over to the will of others in order to fit in and be loved. Look for the courage to be different, be yourself. There is always a choice.

Our uniqueness begins at the genetic level and none of us have a choice in the genes we are given. Yet, if we come to know and accept ourselves for who we are, we can more readily come to know and accept others. For information on rare chromosome disorders check out Unique.  Special thanks to Beverly for my copy of The Little Yellow Book and my new understanding of the world of chromosomes.

 If you are game for the risk, BUY IT NOW!


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